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I'm Surabhi Bharadwaj, a Bharatanatyam dance practitioner with an artistic journey over 28 years. With the guidance of my gurus and mentors, I’ve honed in on my skills, placing a particular emphasis on the balance of power & grace in movement and the significance of intention in storytelling. 


I am committed to reimagine Bharatanatyam as a more inclusive and accessible art form. I re-contextualize this traditional form within a contemporary framework, acknowledging its complex history marked by appropriation and oppression of hereditary artists. My exploration involves critically examining the role of power dynamics, political influences, and the historical context of this dance form, fostering an introspection into my own practice, creative process, and the implications of my connection to this appropriated art. In recognition of my privilege, I choose to be respectful and sensitive about the messages conveyed through my work. In my practice, I place a strong emphasis on cultivating collaboration, a responsiveness to the present moment, a commitment to justice, and the cultivation of a vibrant community.


Surabhi Bharadwaj

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Seeking Creative Collaborators and qualified Dance Instructors who can enthusiastically impart knowledge, skills, and techniques of Bharatanatyam to students of different age groups and skill levels at Siddhi Dance Academy.

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