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Surabhi                     Bharadwaj

      As a Bharatanatyam dancer, learning and practicing the art for the past 25 years, I aspire to bring communities together through my art. The training received from eminent gurus have instilled in me the dynamics of power and grace in Bharatanatyam, which largely influences my choreographic choices. My Masters in Dance Design and Production has taught me the technical, management, and collaborative aspects of putting together a production. I would like to take all of this learning into my creative process guided by the values I uphold. 

        Learning about the problematic history of Bharatanatyam that was never revealed to us as dance students, I’m now aware of the power hegemony & politics that led to the appropriation of Bharatanatyam from the hereditary artists. I, in many ways, being a descendant of the oppressors, have started to question my practice, how I make art, and what my association with this appropriated art form implies. Acknowledging my privilege, I choose to be respectful and sensitive about what I say through my work.

        I’m influenced by the women’s rights and the social justice movement and the simple human experiences that we all share. I often explore these subjects in my work and share with diverse communities. ​My pursuit as a dancer and teacher is to reimagine Bharatanatyam as a more inclusive and accessible art form.


Upcoming Event

Kala Siddhi Dance Festival 2023!

Siddhi Creative presents its 3rd edition of Kala Siddhi Dance Festival on Sunday, May 14, 2023 at Smith Center in Fremont, California from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. 

The festival will open with a solo Margam by Surabhi Bharadwaj directed by Mavin Khoo followed by the premiere of ‘Finding Joy’, co-created in collaboration with the students of Siddhi Dance Academy. Based on everyday human experiences explored in an artistic light, Finding Joy will allow the audience to see themselves in the dance!

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