My relationship with dance has constantly been evolving. These shifting phases come from a place of being more informed and aware. When I learned that the art form I practice is a result of appropriation, it has made me question what dance is to me; my approach to making dance; who am I when I dance; how can I make sure that my work (consciously or unconsciously) is not propagating the nationalist culture that gave rise to today's Bharatanatyam by oppressing the hereditary artists; what should my work say knowing what I know now; how can we make our dance more inclusive; 
Lately for me, creating movement is guided and inspired by questions like these and there’s one thing I’ve come to understand - dance has never belonged to me, but I want to continue belonging to dance. 

When I work as a lighting designer, my goal is to highlight the choreographic ideas and support the concept to enhance the experience for both the performers and the audience.