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Surabhi Bharadwaj, Artistic Director of Siddhi Creative, is a seasoned Bharatanatyam dancer, teacher, and choreographer trained under eminent Gurus including - Guru K M Raman, Guru Radha Sridhar, Guru B Bhanumati, and Mavin Khoo. She learnt the Karana movements under Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam and Guru Nirupama Rajendra. Surabhi holds an MFA in Bharatanatyam from Sastra University, Thanjavur and an MFA in Dance: Design and Production from Saint Mary’s College of California. Since 2017, she has been freelancing as a dance lighting designer.


Surabhi has received the Zellerbach Family Foundation Grant, the CA$H Grant, and Apprenticeship from the Alliance for California Traditional Arts as a Mentor. She is also an Empanelled Artist of the Indian Council of Cultural Relations, a Graded Artist by Doordarshan (the National Broadcasting Channel of India), and was awarded the title 'Arsha Kala Choodamani' by Swami Dayananda Saraswati for her contribution through dance. She has received accolades for her performances (both solo and ensemble) across India, USA, Europe, and the Middle East. She has worked as the Principal Dancer of Punyah Dance Company and Raadha Kalpa Dance Company (two leading Bharatanatyam companies in India) before moving to the USA in 2015. 


Surabhi founded Yokayam - a comprehensive strengthening program combining Yoga, Kalaripayattu (Indian Martial Arts), and Bharatanatyam, and has taught this at the YMCA San Francisco, Saint Mary’s College of California, Erasing Borders Festival in New York, University of Nevada, Reno, and at Abhinaya Dance Company, San Jose.

Wearing multiple hats both on the creative and the management side, Surabhi has produced multidisciplinary works including:

  1. Ashrutam – The Unheard Voice: a dance-theater production, acknowledging the problematic history of Bharatanatyam and giving homage to the hereditary artists from whom the art form we practice was appropriated. Premiered at ODC Theater, San Francisco, in November 2019.

  2. The Dream Tree: a dance-theater production inspired by sustainable living which takes the audience on a magical journey through fiction and reality.  Premiered at the Dougherty Valley Performing Arts Center, San Ramon in May 2022.

  3. The Maze: a multidisciplinary solo work, created in collaboration with Veena Basavarajaiah as the Director. The work till date has been developed and presented at the RAW Residency, SAFEhouse Arts and the Studio 210 Summer Residency, Deborah Slater Dance Theater, SF

  4. Finding Joy: currently being developed in collaboration with the Siddhi Creative Ensemble, scheduled to premiere at the Kala Siddhi Dance Festival on May 14, 2023 at the Jackson Theatre, Fremont.

She continues to collaborate and create and hopes to bring communities together through her work.

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